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e-Commerce Product Data Management

  • Product Data Classification : Involves classification of products to UPC, UPN, UNSPSC, eClass, SMD, NAICS, SIC, EGII, JPPSG, MESC, NIGP, ECRI, NDA or any other taxonomies.
  • Taxonomy Development : Involves building category tree structure in addition to defining attributes, grading the attributes by prominence within the category, and establishing data capture rules for each category attributes.
  • Data Cleansing & Normalization : Involves cleansing and normalization of products descriptions, which in turn helps in having short & long descriptions next to noun, modifier, and vendor name and part number, UOM, Attributes, etc.
  • Product Data Enrichment : Involves enhancing the quality and richness of data, extracting and developing attributes, manually sourcing additional data and information from suppliers and manufacturer website.
  • Data Matching & De-duplication : Involves de-duplication and identifying relationships by matching, linking and merging data to create optimized records.
  • Product Data Migration : Involves migrating data from lower version to higher versions on up-gradations.

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