Product Data Enrichment

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Data enrichment is a crucial part of the Product Data Enrichment process and the team follows set guidelines to enrich the product information for online stores.

Data enrichment can be done for the product attributes, product descriptions, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and other product data.

Our team will analyze the product data for inconsistencies, spelling errors and duplicate entries. Missing information is added from the manufacturer’s site or the paper catalogs. Content from the manufacturer’s/supplier’s can be rephrased, enriched with keywords for SEO and made unique from the competitors.

With the data enrichment services, you can reduce your manual efforts required to cleanse the product data and get a high quality catalog output.

The Data Enrichment process includes

  • At Content Future we are very thorough with our work. We begin enriching product data only after a meticulous data audit. We evaluate the quality of your product data, identify the gaps, errors and inconsistencies in it and devise a plan to improve it.

  • We try to weed out all heterogeneity of standards from your product data. Thus, we carefully standardize all units of weights and measure and attribute values.

  • We look for inconsistencies of spelling and in the expansion of abbreviations. We take care to standardize them so that a buyer is never confused. We also expand abbreviations whenever required.

  • We search for and correct all typos. We are very punctilious in ensuring that that your product names, descriptions, etc. carry no spelling mistakes.

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